Stay In One Of Our Secluded Rustic Cabins

Persephone’s Farm Retreat is an inviting, peaceful place to relax.  Stay in one of our cabins and rise early with the clucking of the hens to see the bald eagles and great blue herons, Canadian geese and  other water fowl skimming the water looking for an early morning meal.  Enjoy watching the morning mist slowly disappear to show the mirror of the still, morning river, yet to be awakened by the opening of the damn locks which transform the peaceful  water into a torrential river.

In years past, the Cherokee Indians lived on the banks of the river.  Many artifacts have been found in the fields along the river.  We have found pottery pieces, game stones, and a wide variety of arrow heads.  This area was preferred since there are shoals above and below the property which made easy access to cross the river.

Many guests have shared the spiritual connection they have experienced while meditating at the retreat.  Persephone’s is, indeed, a very special place that guests have returned repeatedly to reconnect personally and with their mates and family.

Over the years, our guests have come from all over the country and even from other countries and a number of them have been repeat visitors. We have received so many nice comments. Click here to read what some of our guests have had to say.